CBG Cannabinoid


CBG Cannabinoid

CBG Cannabinoid is the “mother of all CBD cannabinoids.”  It is one of the most important forms of CBD oil because it is the non-drowsy and non-acidic form of cannabinoid oils. It is at the top of the CBD food chain and has specific benefits over standard CBD oils, but can be ideally combined with CBD oil in a ratio of 1:1 for optimum results.

CBG Cannabinoid (Cannabigerol) has so many other critical health benefits as well. It is non-psychoactive, non-drowsy (unlike CBD oil) and is highly anti-inflammatory (Cox-2 Pain Relief.) It is the best form of CBD for Glaucoma, Headache relief (especially hangover relief, as well as being highly anti-cancer. It helps with all gut issues as well as neurological disorders. CBG has the highest bio-availability (the amount that is able to be actually absorbed and utilized by your body) so you get the most benefits versus standard CBD oils.


CBG Cannabinoid



Cannabigerol is the master cannabinoid and most active form of CBD. It doesn't leave you feeling drowsy so you can take it day or night, daytime preferred unless mixed with CBD (1:1) ratio to offset the alertness of CBG oil.

CBG naturally fights inflammation, pain, nausea and works to slow the replication of cancer cells and tumors. Research shows it significantly reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma. CBG extracts are beneficial in treating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, glaucoma, hangover, neurological conditions, infection, and cancer..


I personally take the CBG Cannabinoid with CBD (1:1 ratio as shown at the bottom of this page) before and after workouts because it helps me focus and be pain free. It is the only alkaline based CBD as it has the acids removed unlike CBD oils. It also helps you feel great and calms nerves and gives you a gentle yet noticeable lift!


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CBG Effects

CBG Effects. CBG is a precursor of CBD called cannagiberol. It is one of many natural cannabinoid compounds produced by the cannabis or hemp plant. CBGA is actually the primary cannabinoid present in growing hemp not the more common CBD. CBGA is a “raw” cannabinoid that only gets converted to CBD when exposed to heat and light. It the most powerful cannabinoid because of this and is indispensable for immune system protection, cancer and chronic inflammation.


What is the difference between CBGA and CBDA? CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) is commonly called the “mother of all cannabinoids” or the “CBD mothership” because is the origin of all cannabinoids. It directly interacts with the cannabis or hemp plant enzymes and converts them to the three major cannabinoid precursors: THCA, CBCA, and CBDA.


CBGA by itself does't have the same action as CBDA vs CBD for immunity as it's not yet converted to this potent CBD metabolite. It is the CBDA extract that is indispensable for immune system boosting and particularly against the spike proteins founds in covid-19.


Benefits of CBG



What are the differences between CBG vs CBDIt works differently than regular CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD Oil because CBG is the “mother cannabinoid” and is in its most active state. It is more potent than CBD for glaucoma, immunity, bowel disorders like (IBD, IBS, Crohn's, Celiac's and Ulcerative Colitis.) Both CBD and CBG oil can be isolates or full-spectrum oils. I recommend the full-spectrum because the natural terpenes in full spectrum allow it to unlock more receptors in your body so you get more benefit.


You can get CBG Cannabinoid in Capsules or Tinctures (just like your standard organic CBD oils. It is healing and relaxing to your mind and body and is safe for long-term use for most people (including young ones and even your pets. see Best CBD Oil for Dogs for more information on how to use CBD oil to help your dogs, cats, horses and other pets recover from illness or even cancers.


CBG Benefits


What is CBG Good For?

What is CBG Good For? There is a huge number of health benefits of Organic RAW CBG Cannabinoid Oil that makes it uniquely powerful for immune protection and cancer. It greatly improves your quality and quantity of life. Here are the most common CBG health benefits and uses:

  • Anti-Cancer (Helps prevent malignant cancers and shrink tumors, particularly colon cancer as CBG is so good at healing intestinal issues)
  • Anti-Inflammatory (Powerful Cox-2 anti inflammatory pain relief)
  • Anti-Anxiety (Helps relieve stress feelings to keep you calm yet alert)
  • Bladder Control (Research conducted in 2015 found that among the major cannabinoids CBG was the most effective at reducing bladder contractions and alleviating the symptoms of an overactive bladder.)
  • Bone Density and Health (CBG and CBD have been shown to be effective in promoting bone growth, healing fractures, and strengthening connective tissues. It is currently being considered as a natural treatment for osteoporosis, including bone marrow and stem cells)
  • Depression (Helps elevate your mood, as this is the active and energetic form of CBD.)
  • Eczema and Psoriasis (Soothes away skin infections with excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and pain relief, itching help.)
  • Epilepsy and Seizures (CBG is very helpful along with CBDA and CBD in helping reduce the severity and threshold of epileptic seizures.)
  • Glaucoma (Best form of CBD Oil for Glaucoma and Eye Health)
  • Gut Healing (Helps all gut issues and intestinal problems like IBS, IBD, Crohn's Disease, Celiac's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis to name a few)
  • Hangover Relief (Relieves your hangover faster than anything else hands down!)
  • Immunity Booster (Stops infections and prevents spread.) Particularly good against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA.) MRSA is a strain of Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) that has become resistant to many common antibiotics, making it particularly challenging to treat. Due to strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, CBG has shown remarkable promise as a treatment
  • Nausea and Stomach Problems (Stops nausea feeling and heals ulcers and perforations in your GI tract)
  • Neurological Issues (Brain and Nerve health cannabinoid. Helps with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Epilepsy, Huntington's, Nervousness, Parkinson's)
  • Non-Drowsy Formula (CBD and CBN can make you drowsy, whereas CBG gives you clean energy and is invigorating!)
  • IBD and IBS (Powerful GI system healing)
  • Pain Relief (Works well for muscle and joint pain relief. #1 for headaches as it is the best remedy for hangover. Great for all pain types including multiple sclerosis and cancer. It has been shown to be even more effective as a pain reliever than THC.)
  • Performance Enhancement (actually improves your mental clarity and physical focus and strength)
  • Post Workout Recovery (Superior muscle recovery, energy restoration and pain relief.)
  • Skin Healing (Due to CBG's anti-inflammatory properties, it has been shown to be an effective treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and skin conditions.)

There are so many natural healing and health benefits of using organic raw CBG Cannabinoid formulas. It's  the #1 natural supplement for human (and pet) health, and it's legal in 50 states!


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CBG Cannabinoid for Immune Boosting

CBG Cannabinoid for Immune Boosting. CBD is know to be a potent antimicrobial. CBG oil is a very powerful anti-microbial and antibacterial that works against antibiotic resistant strains like MRSA and staphylococcus (Staph infections.) It is much better to take natural immunity boosters so you won't be faced with life threatening strains that are resistant to treatment.


CBG Cannabinoid oil can help prevent becoming infected during times of crisis too. I use it before I visit sick people or when I go out where I'll be in close contact with lots of people. It helps protect against the stuff people are spreading with all the Covid-19 vaccines and variants that come out of that, particularly those bacteria filled masks.


CBG Depression


CBG for Anxiety Relief

CBG for Anxiety Relief. CBD is well known for it's ability to prevent the duration and severity of convulsions. What is the best CBD for epilepsy and seizures? CBG Cannabinoid is the most active pre-cursor to CBD and has unique abilities over already reduced CBD. CBG is a more powerful natural anti-epileptic, anti-seizure, that also is particularly potent agianst cancers, neuron calming and pain relief. In fact The manufacturer of the CBD-derived epilepsy drug Epidiolex has also patented the use of CBDA for epilepsy.


As with CBD for depression, the pharmaceutical firm seems to believe that CBG plus CBD may work for epilepsy at lower doses than CBD alone. They’re also investigating whether the two might work best when used together, as CBG Cannabinoid may take effect faster while CBD provides longer-lasting effects.


CBG Capsules


CBG Tincture

CBG Tincture are just coming out because of the new research showing how potent it is for gut health as well cancer, any inflammatory condition, stomach problems and anxiety/depression, It really works well for those issues in particular. They come in CBG Cannabinoid tinctures (CBD Oil) or CBG capsules.


The NuLeaf CBG Oil and Capsules (pictured above) are the ones I am using right now and are of the highest quality. They are full-spectrum, raw and organic and ultra pure CBG cannabinoid. I just put a couple capsules in a mini plastic bag and have them on hand. .




CBGa Oil

CBGa Oil is the most potent precursor to CBG and can be even more potent. Particularly when combined with CBDa (the immunity boosting CBD oil that is powerful enough to stop spike proteins, like you find in modern vaccines and some pharmaceuticals. CBGa and CBDA Oil Tincture (pictured above) work synergistically, which means better together than separately.


CBGa Oil is great because it actually gives you calm energy and is non-sedating. This is what you want to take during the day, when you don't want to feel sedated or tired. It works really well and gives you a nice calm focus and clear thinking. I sometimes have to “cough them up” to my friends, family and people who need them asap, so that's why I always have some with me as it can save their lives (as well as mine.)



CBD and CBG oil



CBG and CBD work very well together. If you want a more relaxing blend (CBG is more energizing than CBD alone) then this is what you've been looking for. If you want the best CBG CBD oil then you need to try the Restore CBG + CBD Oil (pictured above.) It is potent and can be used day or night. It is best used for immune system building and balancing as it has potent medicinal mushrooms and turmeric extract.


It is also great for pain relief, hence the name CBG Restore! It's one of those natural herbal supplements that you should have on you at all times. You can use it in place of any other CBD oil as well. Organic CBG Cannabinoid oil also works really well for pain relief and to really relax you when you need it most, highly recommended! 


cbg cannabinoid


If you enjoy the taste of citrus more than organic CBD oil then you will want to try the Fab CBG CBD oil. It has a ratio of 1:1 so you get the best of both and benefits of CBG oil with the benefits of CBD oil. Fab CBG oil is organically grown and harvested and has a pleasant citrus flavor. If you want the best CBG Cannabinoid Oil then you need to try the Fab CBG Oil (pictured above.)


It is a great mix of CBG and CBD oil. It is not as potent as pure CBG Isolate oil but is a good mix. If you want the benefits of pure CBG isolate then you will want to try the Organica Naturals Pure CBG Oil. It is the highest potency, pure CBG extract without any fillers or additives. It also works the best for me, particularly for nervousness, anxiety without being drowsy. It keeps you alert and focused without the jittery edge.



CBG Isolate


CBG Concentrate

CBG Concentrate Powder or CBG Isolate is the Mother of all Cannabinoids in it's most potent form. It has no filler oils like MCT, or coconut oil, it is pure Concentrated CBG Isolate. Cannabiva's Zero High CBG Isolate, shown above (Cannabigerol Isolate) is the best you can get anywhere. You can mix it into baked goods, beverages, dab, vape or just put a tiny bit under your tongue for instant effect. It's called that because CBGa is a precursor cannabinoid, meaning it’s essential to the creation of all other cannabinoids.


During the cannabis plant’s flowering cycle, CBG converts into other types of cannabinoids that will eventually result in a variety of other precious compounds, including CBD, CBGa, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC, HHC and other potent cannabinoids. It all starts with the powerhouse of all CBD extracts.


CBG Isolate Gummies


CBG Gummies

Steve's Goods has the Best CBG Gummies (pictured above) using pure CBG Isolate Oil. They taste great and give you a good mental and physical pick me up but without the jitters of caffeine. Not only does it give you a clear alert focus it also gives you the healing effects of pure CBG (the mother of all cannabinoids) like gut healing, pain relief, calm nerves and clear mental focus.


They also help keep your immune system naturally boosted and ready for whatever is around the corner. This is my favorite way to take them on the go. They work gently but you can feel the energy in a positive way. If you need more serious healing effects then use the pure CBG Oil shown below.

Best CBG Isolate Oil


CBG Isolate

Organica Natura's has the Best CBG Isolate Oil (25x maximum strength pure CBG Oil) that is THC and non-drowsy pure CBG Oil. It is the highest quality pure Cannabigerol extract, ultra pure, ultra potent. Organic Naturals Zero High CBG Isolate Oil (pictured above) gives you the CBG Oil results that nothing else can. It is not mixed with organic CBD Oil, but is pure CBG Oil.


Maximum Strength Zero High® CBG 2500 CBG oil is a radically purified Cannabigerol tincture that is so pure, it’s clear. It is also 100% THC-free! Zero High® CBG 2500 is 25x stronger than original strength CBG formulas, so you get over 83 milligrams of pure CBG isolate oil per 1mL dropperful. Each 30mL bottle of Zero High® CBG 2500 is made with 2500 milligrams of our therapeutic-grade CBG isolate extract that is over 95.5% pure.


There are only two ingredients in Zero High® CBG 2500: organically-grown hemp CBG isolate extract and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from USDA organic certified coconuts. You can't get better than this in ingredients or in results with this pure isolate CBG Cannabinoid. 


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Best CBG Cannabinoid

You can get the Best CBG Cannabinoid online here at the best price. You can get any of the best CBG products here, especially the organically grown and harvested Organica CBG oil as shown above. Organic Naturals Zero High CBG Isolate Oil (pictured above) gives you the CBG Oil results that nothing else can. It is not mixed with organic CBD Oil, but is pure CBG Oil.


The CBG Cannabinoid we use to produce Zero High® CBG is always 100% non-GMO and absolutely free from pesticides, heavy metals, or harmful chemicals as verified by independent lab analysis and 3rd-party testing. No additional additives, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives are used in Zero High® CBG 2500. Take Maximum Strength Zero High® CBG 2500 daily and be free from what is bothering you naturally. To get the very best CBG oil different strengths and dosages are available for you see: Organica Pure CBG Isolate Oil.


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