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Hit! CBD Reviews

Hit CBD Reviews

Welcome to Hit CBD reviews. Hit CBD starts with the best organically grown non-GMO hemp that is professionally extracted and quality tested in sunny Southern California. They specialize in CBD and CBN blends that are made to help you get quality sleep, as well as relieve pain, anxiety, and give you total body relaxation.


Hit! CBD has simple yet very effective CBD and CBN oils and gummies called Moon Drops. If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep (like I do) then the Hit CBD and CBN sleep gummies. They are engineered to give you a great night's sleep without waking up feeling groggy. Just quality sleep!

Hit! Moon Drops

Hit CBD Oil

Hit CBD Oil is an organic full spectrum CBD and CBN hemp based oil, and it is used in all of their premium quality CBD products. It is in their tasty gummies as well, so you can really relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Hit CBD is made with  pure non-GMO organically grown CBD and CBN oil that you will love. The Hit! Moon Drops (pictured above) can be used for pain relief, relaxation, inflammation, and for insomnia relief as well. You can even use it to heal your skin.


I've personally used it for pain relief and insomnia and it works exceptionally well. Hit! Moon Drops are naturally flavored with a mild Mint flavor. It also has the relaxing and calming natural herb Chamomile to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. Made from pure organic coconut MCT oil, certified organic hemp extract with 1000mg CBD, 300mg CBN and plant based terpenes, Hit! Moon Drops taste like a sleepy time tea without the nasty aftertaste of other products. When you really need a good night’s sleep, Hit! Moon Drops are a dream come true!

Sleep Gummies

Hit CBD Gummies

Hit CBD Gummies are my favorite way to enjoy all the healing and relaxing benefits of CBD and CBN for sleep! There are two different flavors that taste exceptionally good. The Hit! Moon Gummies for Sleep (pictured above) have a very pleasant natural blackberry flavor and fresh aftertaste. Hit Moon Gummies are they made with real hand picked blackberries, and the combination of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil and CBN (the best CBD for sleep) also comes with a natural relaxing Reishi mushroom extract.  


These gummies are vegan (no gelatin), pharma-free, no melatonin, non-addictive, all natural goodness that gives you the sleep you deserve. We promise these will help you get a better nights sleep…and if they don't work for you, you can return them for a full refund and we'll eat them ourselves! Each gummy has 25mg of CBD from our organic full spectrum hemp and 10mg of CBN per serving!

Hit CBD Reviews

Organic Echinacea Extract

Organic Echinacea Extract is made by Miller’s Herbal™. It is a premium Organic Echinacea Root Extract that contains polysaccharides and glycoproteins that target the immune cells responsible for fighting the viruses that cause colds and viral infections, particularly the common influenza virus that causes you to feel ill and drained. Take at the first sign of illness, or beforehand when others around you are sick and you will feel much better quickly. Use it with the Hit Moon Drops and Gummies for any pain associated with cold and flu symptoms.


Hit CBD Review

Hit CBD Review testimonials are made by individual product, but overall they have a 5 star rating with lots of recent reviews (as you can see in the above Hit CBD Reviews.) People just like you are getting them because they've been recommended by their friends, family and other of how well they work and how satisfied they are with them. And the CBD gummies taste absolutely amazing and work even better!


Try them yourself and you will see just how good they really are. They are top quality CBD products and really economical at the same time. Organic, Non-GMO and locally grown and harvested. Try it for yourself now and be the judge. 

Cannabiva CBD Oil

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