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HempLucid CBD

HempLucid CBD has a great selection of the highest quality CBD products, particularly CBD enhanced with medicinal mushrooms, Delta 8 THC, water soluble CBD oils, non-sticky gummies, pain relief CBDA creams and even CBD for pets. HempLucid CBD was created by Chase Hudson, a former EMT (emergency medical technician,) Firefighter and first responder (As I was myself) and also noticed the high amount of prescription medicines being taken by people who were sick and tired. This is the sick side of our medical system, and he realized that this didn't have to be the case.

He created the whole HempLucid CBD Product line as a holistic and natural healthy alternative! HempLucid CBD Oils have a pleasant tasting and potent CBD Oil (I love the Delta 8 THC tincture as it just works perfectly for me.) Their Delta functional mushroom and CBD gummies (are my favorites) as medicinal mushrooms go so well with organic CBD oil.


HempLucid CBD oil tinctures and edibles work very well for pain relief, or particularly to get a good night's sleep. They can help you naturally feel euphoric, in a relaxed and controlled way, no freaky vibes only an alert calmness with a boost in mood and life experience.  Discover the benefits of their high quality yet low cost line of high quality CBD based products in this HempLucid CBD Review!

HempLucid CBD

HempLucid CBD Oil

The HempLucid CBD Oil (pictured above) can be used for instant focus, natural stress relief, pain relief, relaxation, and to help you get a great night's sleep. HempLucid CBD makes the highest quality CBD Hemp Oil products. HempLucid CBD Oil uses only organically grown, harvested and distilled High Quality CBD Oils some are water soluble or enhanced with organic MCT oil (which is heart and brain healthy too (frequently used as part of weight loss in a healthy keto diet.).  


HempLucid CBD has a simple but highly effective line of organic CBD oils (including CBN and Delta 8 CBD)  and are great for both people as well as your four legged family members. The best way to see how good they are is to try it them yourself, after reading this review. I’m sure you will agree how effective they are and can help you live a healthier and longer life with the freedom to go about your life without unnecessary pain or stress.

HempLucid CBD review

HempLucid Delta 8

HempLucid CBD makes the highest quality Delta 8 CBD oils. Reading the reviews you can see just how good it really is. I use it regularly now because it works so well. HempLucid Delta 8 THC is easy to use and comes in oils, tasty non-sticky gummies and even dissolvable strips. You can see the HempLucid CBD Delta 8 Gummies and Strips (pictured above.) The effects of these tasty Delta 8 CBD edibles are almost instant and super relaxing but you can still function as normal, with a clear mind but expanded awareness.


If you have smoked cannabis or CBD flower then this is for you. The effects are a lot smoother but you feel very relaxed in an instant. It really takes the edge off and gives you real quick anxiety relief. I prefer this to taking actual 420 nowadays because the effect is very consistent and it is easy to dose just exactly the right amount to give you the feeling you desire without any negative side effects.

HempLucid Gummies

HempLucid CBD Gummies

HempLucid CBD Gummies are the best you can get! They combine organic mushroom extracts with their organic CBD Oils in very tasty HempLucid CBD Gummies. They have different formulas. One for mental focus, clarity and energy. One for natural stress relief and one for quality sleep and relaxation.


I love the natural sleep aid gummies with functional mushroom extracts and use them nightly before bed (and I get the best sleep ever.) HempLucid CBD Gummies with Mushrooms (pictured above) works as soon as you place them under your tongue or chew them.

CBD gummies for sleep

HempLucid CBD Gummies for Sleep

HempLucid CBD Gummies for sleep help are the best you can get! They are like instant Zen relaxation, and if you take them before you go to bed, it will quiet your endless mind chatter (very helpful for PTSD, anxiety and insomnia, as well as pain relief.) It is a mild but mentally relaxing effect that eases you into sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready for your day. HempLucid CBD Gummies for Sleep (pictured above) works as soon as you place them under your tongue or chew them.


They taste very good, better than most CBD gummies because it isn't overpowering or sticky or sugar coated (which isn't good for your teeth.) And it includes medicinal mushrooms which has so many helpful benefits on their own (See Health Benefits of Mushrooms) for more information on why this is such a good thing! Do yourself a favor and try them now!

CBD gummies for stress

HempLucid CBD Gummies for Stress

HempLucid CBD Gummies for Stress relief are a Godsend! They combine specific organic mushroom extracts like Reishi and Cordyceps with their organic CBD Oils in very tasty yet functional HempLucid CBDM mushroom Gummies. The HempLucid CBD Gummies for stress (pictured above) works as soon as you place them under your tongue or chew them.


I like to let them dissolve under my tongue as they have a great taste and are not sugar coated or sticky (a huge benefit to me.) It is like instant calm so your mind and body just feels relaxed in a refreshing way. These are great for daytime (or evening) usage.

cbd gummies for focus

HempLucid CBD Gummies for Focus

HempLucid CBD Gummies for Focus are great for when you need to focus (study, examinations, remembering names, big presentation or even sports event.) The HempLucid CBD Gummies for Focus (pictured above) work as soon as you bite them or place them under your tongue. I like letting them slowly dissolve under my tongue because they taste great and they give me a gradual clarity of mind without drowsiness.


Like all other HempLucid CBD products, these Mushroom CBD gummies contain 100% hemp-derived cannabinoids with a hemp concentration that is just right to relieve anxiety, not cause it. So whether it's pain relief, relaxation, a good night's sleep, or just an added bit of euphoria, you can enjoy these exquisite HempLucid Gummies in peace because they are legal from coast to coast.

cbda cream

HempLucid CBDA Cream

HempLucid CBDA Cream is the best pain relieving cream you can get. HempLucid CBDA Cream (pictured above) uses CBDA as opposed to CBD. CBDA is superior for pain relief and immunity (can help stop spike proteins from damaging your DNA.) It is a Godsend with all the harmful viruses and the chemicals or DNA altering things they are putting in vaccines now. See Vaccine Dangers for more information on this subject.


HempLucid CBDA Topical Lotion is non-greasy and fast acting. It is naturally pain relieving and deep penetrating and you will absolutely love how it makes you feel. It is non-drowsy pain relief and without harmful side effects too.

CBD for pets



HempLucid for Dogs

You can help your “best friend” by using HempLucid for Dogs. HempLucid CBD for Pets is a wonderful CBD formula that you can place in their food or treats and give them the pain relief healing benefit of broad spectrum Organic CBD Oil. You can use this CBD formula for dogs, cats and other small animals (large animals or pets too, you just need a larger dose of course.)


It is great for joint pain relief, excess scalp itching (itching is a pain signal) and it can even helps them with social or separation anxiety, which is common in pets. You can help keep your carpet or floor pee free!


hemplucid cbd review

HempLucid CBD Reviews

HempLucid CBD Reviews are great for all their high quality CBD and Medical Mushroom products. You can see from the image above that they have over 4,000 Five Star Reviews! You can see all the HempLucid CBD Reviews by visiting the main page and look under each product for specific a specific HempLucid CBD Review for the product you are going to purchase. 


HempLucid CBD gives you a high quality and a great price, that's a winning combination. Get the highest quality organic CBD Oil products here: HempLucid CBD Oils.

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