CBD Distillate

CBD Concentrate

CBD Distillate

CBD Distillate is the most concentrated (CBD Concentrate) extract from the cannabis plant. CBD Distillates are pharmaceutically extracted from cannabis hemp plant. The best CBD distillates are scientifically formulated using organically grown and harvested whole plant extracts. CBD Distillates provide the most vital active ingredients in the cannabis plant called phytocannabinoids.

These CBD distillates are phytocannabinoids and pure essence cannabinoids with all the terpenes and co-factors the way nature intended. It is also why CBD Distillate is so powerful yet gentle to the human (and pet) body and mind. They are extracted (distilled) with therapeutic grade purity. There are also Zero High Isolates available in CBD, CBG, and CBN called CBD Concentrate because it is one form of cannabinoid only.

CBD Distillate

What is CBD Distillate?

What is CBD Distillate? CBD Distillates (full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD) is pure CBD without added MCT oil used as a filler in most Organic CBD Oils. That's why they are highly concentrated and just a dab is all you need. The cannabinoids that are used to make CBD, CBG, CBN, and even Delta 8, 9 and 10 THC extractions are distilled (therapeutically extracted) into healing CBD oils, extracts and concentrates that give you healthy natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals for healing and pain relief without the harmful side effects of chemical medicines.


Holistic health professionals and connoisseurs can take their THC or CBD in a wide range of CBD products like baked goods, candies, gummies, vape cartridges, shatter, and wax, among other CBD Distillates. The CBD and THC that are distilled from the cannabis hemp plant are separated in several ways. The most common method of making high potency CBD concentrate is using distillation and precise extraction to create CBD isolates like Zero High (non-THC) containing CBD, CBG and CBN concentrates.  


Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

What is the best Full Spectrum CBD Distillate? Cannabiva Full spectrum CBD Distillates (pictured above) gives you the absolute highest potency and greatest number of benefits as it included all the cannabinoids from the whole cannabis hemp plant. It is also the least expensive form of CBD you can get as it requires less processing in removing the THC, cannabinoids other than pure CBD (CBDa, CBG, etc) and terpenes (molecules that can have antioxidant and health benefits.) Full spectrum CBD Distillate has about .03% THC so it won't leave you feeling all buzzed out or fail medical testing.


Pure Full Spectrum CBD Distillate can cost more than Full Spectrum CBD because of the extra distillation and extraction process and purity testing. Full spectrum distillate is the most powerful form of all CBD types because it is pure CBD without any carrier oils added. So it is all benefit no additives at all. Pure healing, pain relief and symptom relief. Isolate CBD is not psychoactive aka Zero High, and will not cause you to feel spaced out or drowsy during the day.


Full Spectrum CBD Distillate gives you a clean and calm energy and superior pain relief and healing benefits, unmatched by modern medicine. Full Spectrum CBD oils have higher pain relief capabilities compared to CBD isolates because it contains the full spectrum and wisdom of the cannabis hemp plant. If you want the most powerful form of CBD you can get Full Spectrum CBD Distillate is exactly what you need.


CBD distillates


Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate? Cannabiva Broad Spectrum CBD Distillates (pictured above) is the best form of Broad Spectrum CBD you can get. It is a specific type of cannabinoid called cannabidoil. More than 80 types of cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant, including THC. Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD Oils contain the full array of beneficial extracts like terpenes, CBDa, CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN.  Broad spectrum CBD Distillate contains everything full spectrum does, except it has 0.0% THC. If you want the most powerful form of CBD then CBD Distillate is what you have been looking for.


Broad spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD Distillates are very calming in action and are usually present in CBD for Pain Relief and Sleep formulas because of that. THC containing formulas like full spectrum are the most sedative because of the small amount of THC, but not that big of a difference between it and broad spectrum oils. Broad spectrum CBD distillates are a natural pain reliever as well, even for severe back problems and cancer pain (including from the medical treatment of cancer, using radiation or chemotherapy.) I love using broad spectrum CBD for pain relief, insomnia and stress relief. 

zero high distillate

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD Isolate Powder is made from CBD Isolate Crystals that have formed during extraction from the cannabis plant. The best form of CBD Isolate Powder Concentrate is Cannabiva Zero High Cannabidoil Isolate (pictured above.) The plant has many types of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC, THC and terpenes that are removed during extraction to make a 100% pure CBD Isolate powder or oil. The highest grade Pure CBD oil is organically grown and harvested pure CBD concentrate They are distilled and extracted using the highest purity and grade Pure CBD Isolate for therapeutic or pharmaceutical grade health uses.


Always check your CBD source and test results to make sure it is organically grown and harvested (organic, Non-GMO, pesticide free) and medicinal or therapeutic grade instead of the lower quality industrial grade hemp products. Non-organic CBD oil, distillate and concentrate formulas can have highly concentrated pesticides and other contaminants that take away from the benefit of using CBD. I prefer and recommend Pure CBD Distillates, powder, tincture, gummies and oils as they are the purest and most effective you can get.

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CBD Distillate for Sale

Where to Buy CBD Distillate? The Best CBD Distillates for Sale are the Organica CBD Distillates (pictured above) because they are pharmaceutical grade pure CBD Concentrate and Isolates. They come in glass jars so you can see the purity. They range anywhere from single serving doses in a syringe, to 5,000 mg formula for cancer healing and deep or more severe pain relief. You can get the best medicinal grade organic CBD Distillates in bulk and small quantities (full spectrum CBD, Broad spectrum CBD, and pure CBD Isolates) that are sustainably produced using non-GMO and certified organic ingredients (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used.)


I highly recommend Cannabiva's CBD Distillates, Concentrates and CBD Oils as they are the most potent, pharmaceutical grade and highly concentrated and have worked the best of all for me to date. They also have Pure CBD Isolate powders that you can mix into any beverage or food as well as capsules if you prefer taking them in pill form and formulas that help your pets relieve anxiety, pain and cancer.


If you have pain, particularly neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis joint pain or back pain, then the 10,000 mg Pure CBD Distillates will be what you want I highly recommend Organica CBD oils and products as they are the most potent you can get. For more information visit: Organica Naturals CBD Distillates.

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