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Natural Dos makes the highest grade of CBD oils, particularly CBDA (the most potent and absorbable type of CBD.) CBDA is the mother of CBD oils and you could probably benefit from it right now. It can help you avoid having immune system issues (Spike Proteins in particular.) Nothing else does what Organic CBDA Oil does in protecting you against the onslaught of these man-made bio-hazards (they really aren't viruses but airborne vaccine pathogens.) If you have been vaccinated or had a recent vaccine you need this. If you've been in contact with those vaxxed and boosted (over and over again) you need Natural Dos CBDA oil. 


Cannabidiolic acid or CBDA has so many other health benefits as well. It is non-psychoactive and is highly anti-inflammatory (Cox-2 Pain Relief) as well as anti-cancer and helps with digestion as well as anxiety and depression relief. Natural Dos CBDA has the highest bio-availability (the amount that is able to be actually absorbed and utilized by your body) so you get the most benefits versus standard CBD oils. CBDA vs CBD Oil are a harmonious blend of cannabinoids that work synergistically to give you even greater immune protection as well as natural pain relief.


What is CBDA

What is CBDA? CBDA is a precursor of CBD called Cannabidiolic acid.  It is one of many natural cannabinoid compounds produced by the cannabis or hemp plant. CBDA is actually the primary cannabinoid present in growing hemp not the more common CBD. CBDA is a “raw” cannabinoid that only gets converted to CBD when exposed to heat and light. It the most powerful cannabinoid because of this and is indispensable for immune system protection, cancer and chronic inflammation.


What is the difference between CBGA and CBDA? CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) is commonly called the “mother of all cannabinoids” or the “CBD mothership” because is the origin of all cannabinoids. It directly interacts with the cannabis or hemp plant enzymes and converts them to the three major cannabinoid precursors: THCA, CBCA, and CBDA.


CBGA by itself doesn't have the same action as CBDA for immunity as it's not yet converted to this potent CBD metabolite. It is the Natural Dos CBDA extract that is indispensable for immune system boosting and particularly against the spike proteins founds in covid-19.



What are the differences between CBDA vs CBDIt works differently than regular CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD Oil because it's in its active state. It is more potent than CBD for immunity in particular. Both CBD and CBDA oil can be isolates or full-spectrum oils and in this case natural spectrum (the highest and most pure grade.) I recommend the natural spectrum because the terpenes in natural spectrum allow it to unlock more receptors in your body so you get more benefits.


You can get CBDA in Tinctures, Capsules, Gummies or even mints. CBDA is healing and relaxing to your mind and body and is safe for long-term use for most people (including young ones and even your pets. see Best CBD Oil for Dogs for more information on how to use CBD oil to help your dogs, cats, horses and other pets recover from illness or even cancers.

benefits of cbda

CBDA Benefits

What are the CBDA Benefits on health? There is a huge number of health benefits of Organic Natural Dos Natural Spectrum and RAW CBDA Oils that makes it uniquely powerful for immune boosting and cancer protection to name a couple of it's most powerful benefits. It greatly improves your quality and quantity of life. Here are the most common CBDA health benefits and uses:

  • Natural Spectrum CBDA (Absorbs 500 to 1000% Better than CBD)
  • Serotonin Modulator (calms brain and nervous system)
  • Anti-Cancer (CBDA is a powerful anti-tumor natural remedy. It restores natural internal balance and helps balance your immune system and stops it from causing autoimmune conditions that lead to tumors.)
  • Anti-Inflammatory (Powerful Cox-2 anti inflammatory pain relief)
  • Immunity Booster (Stops infection and spread of Spike Proteins)
  • Nausea (Multiple pre clinical studies have shown that CBDA can help reduce symptoms of nausea. These studies have narrowed down the target to 5HT1A activation, which appears to help control nausea symptoms. This is not the first time cannabinoids have been used to treat nausea symptoms as this is a well known approach for many chemotherapy patients.)
  • Anxiety and Panic (Natural anti-anxiety and panic attack reliever)
  • Depression Relief (Natural mood elevator that restores healthy mental balance without harmful side effects, this is where CBDA is superior to even THC)
  • Stress Relief (Helps you feel calm and relaxed)
  • Sleep Help (Helps your mind and body relax so you can sleep soundly)
  • Pain Relief (One of the best Natural Pain Killers – Powerful Cox-2 anti inflammatory pain relief)

There are so many natural healing and health benefits of using organic natural spectrum and raw CBDA formulas. It's  the #1 natural supplement for human (and pet) health, and it's legal in 50 states!

cbda immunity

CBDA and Spike Proteins

CBDA and Spike Proteins. A recent study in Forbes shows how CBDA inhibits SARS CoV-2 (which causes Covid-19 infections) from being able to infect and spread in your body. See the below quote that shows how this potent CBDA full spectrum extracts works to stop this pathogen from attacking your cells and spreading in your body: 

The researchers found that two cannabinoid acids commonly found in hemp varietals of cannabis, cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and Cannabidiolic acid, also known as CBDA, can bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. By binding to the spike protein, the compounds can prevent the virus from entering cells and causing infection, potentially offering new avenues to prevent and treat the disease.

I personally take the CBDA preventatively because I help a lot of people holistically, who are ill or are in the hospital with various illness (particularly immune issues now days.) I take a couple capsules when I'm going to be around those who have gotten recent vaccines (covid-19, or booster shots for the variants like delta or omicron.)

CBDA Immunity

CBDA for Immunity

CBDA for Immunity and as a natural antiviral. CBDA is a potent spike protein zapper and immunity booster. It can stop parasites from damaging your DNA and immune system. CBDA oil for immunity is made for immune system boosting and protection and helps stop infections commonly spread through vaccines and contact with those people (vaxxed and non-vaxxed) that are shedding and spreading the virus.


CBDA has received the most attention lately for a number of studies that came out showing that it can inhibit the Sars-Cov-2 virus from binding to epithelial cells. This research has been performed in a number of in vitro studies, and showed that with multiple different strains it can inhibit both binding and expression of some viral proteins.

CBD for Epilepsy

CBDA for Seizures

CBDA for Seizures. Natural Spectrum CBDA Oil is also a more powerful natural anti-epileptic, anti-seizure, that also is particularly potent against tumor growth, neuron calming and pain relief. This is one of the key benefits of CBDA vs CBD oil. CBD is well known for it's ability to prevent the duration and severity of convulsions. What is the best CBD for epilepsy and seizures?


CBDA is the most active pre-cursor to CBD and has unique abilities over already reduced CBD. CBDA is a more powerful natural anti-epileptic, anti-seizure, that also is particularly potent against cancers, neuron calming and pain relief. In fact The manufacturer of the CBD-derived epilepsy drug Epidiolex has also patented the use of CBDA for epilepsy.


As with CBDA for depression, the pharmaceutical firm seems to believe that CBDA may work for epilepsy at lower doses than CBD. They’re also investigating whether the two might work best when used together, as CBDA may take effect faster while CBD provides longer-lasting effects.

CBDA for Inflammation

CBDA Natural Anti-Inflammatory

CBDA Natural Anti-Inflammatory. A unique property of CBDA oil that has been discovered over 10 years ago is its ability to both inhibit and decrease the production of COX-2 (cyclooxygenase 2). COX-2 is a well known pro inflammatory enzyme involved in most diseases like Arthritis where inflammation is causing damage. This enzyme is a common target for many NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen and Aspirin.


CBDA oil helps stop chronic inflammation without the side effects of prescription and over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines. It actually helps your stomach instead of making it upset like most NSAIDS like Ibuprofen can do. It doesn't overly thin your blood like aspirin either.

CBDA for Pain

CBDA for Pain Relief

CBDA for Pain Relief. There are numerous pre clinical studies finding that natural spectrum CBDA can impact pain in a positive manner. This appears to be through two unique properties of CBDA, its affect on inflammation and COX-2 and its inhibition of the TRPV1 channel (Transient receptor potential vanilloid 1). CBDA is very helpful for pain relief.


The TRPV1 protein sits on the cell surface of many neurons and helps conduct pain signaling to the brain stopping the sensation of pain. This is very encouraging news because there has been a lot of work around using Capsaicin (pepper extract) to inhibit pain through this exact mechanism. There are now prescription drugs on the market that use capsaicin to help with neuropathic pain. CBDA does this without the spiciness of hot peppers.

CBDA for Stress Relief

What's Better CBDA or CBD for Anxiety?

So What's Better CBDA or CBD for Anxiety and Stress Relief? I have clients that have tried full spectrum CBD oils for anxiety relief and it seems to work for them most of the time, but for some people it doesn't get it done completely. Is there any difference in CBDA benefits compared to CBD oils?  You will start to begin to see more CBDA products on the market now because of CBDA's effect on anxiety and sleep compared to standard CBD oils. CBDA is not psychoactive and improves your sleep as well as your mood even better than CBD oil does.


Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is found throughout your body, but is most known for its role in your brain and nervous system. It helps balance your mood and make it stable. The ECS works in part through two main CBD receptors in your body (receptors CB1 and CB2), which CBDA interacts with. There are now many published studies on how CBDA helps regulate the CB2 receptors, most commonly associated with CBD and its anxiety and stress relieving properties.


Another well studied benefit of CBDA is on your serotonin receptor 5HT1A. CBDA can directly activate this receptor which is primarily found in your brain. This has a powerful impact on your mood since this receptor is also a target for SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) which are commonly prescribed for depression. Interestingly, activation of the 5HT1A can also reduce your blood pressure through vagus nerve stimulation. This is a well known target for multiple blood pressure drugs, and has been extensively studied. CBDA does this without the harmful side effects of prescription medicines..

Natural Dos

Natural Dos CBDA Oil

Natural Dos CBDA Oil is the most bio-active of all CBD oils, particularly the natural spectrum CBDA oil just coming out now. The CBDA Natural Spectrum Tinctures (pictured above) are the ones I am using right now for immune system protection and are of the highest quality. New research shows how potent it is for immune system protection as well anti-tumor benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits, stomach problems and anxiety/depression; It really works well for those issues in particular. 


Full Spectrum CBD vs Natural Spectrum CBDA

Natural Dos makes only Full spectrum CBD is the most potent form of CBD from the hemp plant, and contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. However, these cannabinoids are all in their decarboxylated form, i.e. they were converted from their natural acidic form. Natural Spectrum CBD oil is a proprietary CBD hemp oil made by Natural Dos that contains all the acidic cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This include CBGA, CBCA, THCVA, THCA, and others and provides an exceptional boost in CBDA bioavailability (meaning more benefits you actually feel.)


This unique Natural Dos CBDA with Natural Spectrum oil gets its potency by the superior absorption of all the acidic cannabinoids that synergies (more potent together than taken apart) when taken together. They come in Natural Spectrum CBDA tinctures (CBDA Oil with Delta 8 THC or without Delta 8 CBD), CBDA capsules, CBDA Gummies and CBDA mints.

cbda in capsules

Natural Dos CBDA Capsules

Natural Dos CBDA Capsules have the same benefits as CBDA oil in an exact dosage softgel you can take anywhere. Natural Spectrum CBDA Capsules (pictured above) are the easiest way to get the benefits of CBDA oil in your body.


CBDA in capsules do have to be digested so they take 20 minutes to work, as opposed to CBDA oil which you can take under your tongue or CBDA gummies or mints which are absorbed almost instantly. These are best for those that travel as they are no mess (no spilled oil or sticky fingers.)

cbda breath mints

Natural Dos CBDA Mints

Another easy way to get the benefits of natural spectrum CBDA oil in your body in a flavorful way is by using Natural Dos CBDA Mints (pictured above.) These are my new favorite way to get CBDA oil benefits when I'm out and about during the day. They are instant relaxation and freshen your breath at the same time.


CBDA mints taste great and have a fresh minty flavor and relaxing CBDA effect that works almost instantly. If you prefer fruity flavors then you will want to try the CBDA gummies below.

cbda gummy bears

Natural Dos CBDA Gummies

You can now get the power of natural spectrum CBDA oil in flavorful Natural Dos CBDA Gummies. You can get pure CBDA Gummies (pictured above) or CBDA gummies with Delta 8 THC (shown below) if you want a stronger gummy. The natural spectrum CBDA gummies have a fruity flavor (all natural) and in an exact dosage.


They are like instant Zen and give you all of the benefits of CBDA in a tasty way. I use the CBDA gummies during the day and the CBDA gummies with Delta 8 CBD in the evening or when I need to get a good night's sleep.

cbda gummies delta 8

Natural Dos CBDA Gummies with Delta 8

Natural Dos CBDA Gummies with Delta 8 are the most powerful CBDA gummies and are very relaxing. They can be used as a sleep aid and will help your body and mind relax fully thanks to the synergy of Delta 8 THC. CBDA Gummies with Delta 8 (pictured above) are tasty and exact dosage so you know exactly how much gives you the best healing and relaxation effect.


CBDA oils are one of the best natural herbal remedies you can get. I always start out with a 1/4 or 1/2 gummy to see how I feel and then adjust accordingly. You will love the taste and effect they have on your whole being!

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